Simple Protein Pancakes (Sometimes Simple Really Is Best…. )


Pancake Tuesday is just around the corner and we can’t wait for an excuse to whip up these little beauties. I’m not going to lie – these are one of my favourite weekend breakfasts so the thought of downing them on a random Tuesday – and at dinner time no less – is filling me with delight.

What You Need:
100ml almond milk or normal milk.
1 Egg
1 Scoop of Whey Protein
1 Teaspoon of Wholemeal or Spelt Flour.
Small teaspoon of low fat butter or normal butter

Mix all the ingredients together.

Cook in a pan in coconut oil or non stick pan.

Flip after about 1-2 mins.

Then cook for another 45 seconds.

When it comes to toppings – keep it clean. Forget the copious amounts of sugar and nutella. There are a whole host of things you can decorate your protein pancake with that won’t have you feeling guilty afterwards. Here’s a list of some Eat Clean options you can choose from:

Greek Yoghurt, blueberries, walnuts, flaked almonds, agave, raw cacao, mixed seeds, almond butter, PB2, lemon juice.

Experiment with your toppings, we certainly will!

Leanne and Dave 🙂

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