Pizza With A Protein Punch…. Protein Pizza Recipe


Eating clean foods does NOT mean you need to pass up some of your favourite treats. It just means changing them up a little and adding some healthier alternatives!

This is one of our favourites – The Protein Pizza!

What You Need:

(For the base)

For the base –
1 Scoop 100% Whey Protein (Flavour is optional!)
15g Oats
1 Full Egg
1 Egg White


The list of toppings is literally endless! Just choose your favourites, cook them up and scoop them on! Some suggestions….
Tomato Purée
Buffalo Mozeralla Cheese
Cooked Chicken Breast


For the base blend all ingredients and fry on medium heat in coconut oil until it’s stable – flipping over like a pancake to cook on both sides.

Remove and place on a tin foil covered baking tray.

Spread tomato purée on it and add the mozeralla along with whatever toppings you like.

Then pop under the grill until cheese is melted!


Leanne and Dave 🙂

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