Four Ways To Own December

Four Ways To Own December

It’s two weeks till Christmas and that means one thing!  Yes that’s right – temptation is everywhere! While my main mantra is always “Live Yo’ Life” I do think it’s possible and important to get through the festive season without completely overdoing it. Here are four ways to own December!  


1: Set a Manageable Food Goal

Throughout the festive period parties are a dime a dozen and there are endless boxes of Roses and Quality Street doing the rounds. I like to share this particular little tip because I think it’s so doable. For december – vow to steer clear of the chocolate tins until Christmas eve. I know it sounds like a difficult task but honestly what are you really missing out on? A few mindless chocolates or mince pies here and there? Set a goal to leave any treat foods until Christmas Eve – then enjoy a couple of days of indulgence till St. Stephen’s Day and hey presto you haven’t totally overdone it. Two or three days of indulgence is far easier to recover from than two or three weeks. And to be honest – you are still enjoying your Christmas food.


2: Dial It Down If You Must But Keep Your Workout Motivation 

Workouts through December just seem so much harder. The mornings are dark, the evenings are dark and the couch seems so much more appealing. I’m not going to sugar coat it – siting in with the Christmas lights twinkling is probably what we’ll all want to do over heading out to the gym on a cold evening. My biggest tip is to cut down your workouts but don’t cut them out completely. If you usually aim for 3-4 then aim now for 2-3. Putting your whole fitness routine on hold to January only means you’ll have so much work to catch up on then. Work smart. Take an extra evening at home each week but when you do go to the gym work hard and make it count.


3: Train With A Purpose

Following a general fitness plan will go a long way to helping you keep some motivation for December. Set yourself a schedule to take you right up to Christmas and keep on top of the journey you’ve already started. That way post-Christmas you won’t have as much “making up” to do. And you’ll find your New Year gym routine much easier. 


4: Remember Alcohol Has Calories Too!

Alcohol has almost double the amount of calories per gram compared to proteins and carbohydrates.

Alcohol = 7 calories per gram

Proteins = 4 calories per gram

Carbs = 4 calories per gram

Calories obtained from alcohol are known as “empty calories”. This means they have no other nutrients. In other words your body takes in the calories but gets no other benefits. Being mindful of the drinks you like and their calorie content can be helpful to not “overdoing it”. 

Here is the calorie content of some of our favourite drinks:  

Gin and Tonic – 120 cals 

Glass of Prosecco – 80 cals 

Glass of White Wine – 110-170 cals (depends on the type)

Glass of Red Wine – 135-195 cals (depends on the type) 

Pint of Budweiser – 232 cals 

Pint of Bulmers – 230 cals 

Pint of Guinness – 210 cals 

Vodka and Soda Water – 96 cals

Espresso Martini – 160 cals 

Mojito – 242 cals 

Baileys Coffee – 120 Cals 


A few little tips I like to apply in the run up to Christmas! 

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