Leanne Moore

Teaming Up With Paleo Ireland

I’m delighted to be teaming up with Paleo Ireland on their new DETOX/FITNESS Menu. On weekdays I am literally ALWAYS on the go and food prep was my BIGGEST downfall. I was constantly having to grab something on the go which leads – in some cases – to poor choices.


Last year I came across Paleo Ireland when they dropped some samples to Dave at Go Gym. At first I was skeptical – I always am with pre-prepped food, but I have to admit I was very pleasantly surprised. Delicious meals and great variety and all so fresh and CLEAN and all from €55-€75 delivered to a local collection point near you.**


Currently there are FOUR menus on the Paleo Ireland plan and I have leant a hand to getting a DETOX/FITNESS box together which includes:

5 Supergreen Juices

5 Lunches (Salads or Soups)

5 Dinners (Chicken and Greens or Chicken Stir Fry)


Over the coming weeks we are going to be working to change up the menu from time to time to make sure to keep it as appetising as ever – and if all that green goodness is not what you are after – Paleo Ireland also have menus that include:

Beef Bolognese

Chicken Korma

Chicken fajita

Shepherds Pie

and many more!


Take a look at their full menus HERE ——>

And if something tickles your fancy contact THE PALEO IRELAND FACEBOOK PAGE to find out about a local collection point near you.




**Collection points are growing week by week so contact the guys at Paleo Ireland to find out about one in YOUR area,

The LIMERICK collection point is at The Body Building MONDAY evenings from 5.30pm