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Fitspiration Of The Week – Rachel Shortt

Rachel, tell me a little bit about yourself:
I’m 23 and am currently a trainee accountant. I got into fitness/ the gym during college. I started going to fitness classes in UL during the breaks between lectures. I then heard of Crossfit Limerick that had opened on the Ballysimon road and joined that about two years ago and it all went from there. It was completely different to anything I had tried before and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Since then I have competed in several competitions both individual and team ones. I mainly workout by myself. There’s nothing better than throwing in your earphones and pushing yourself.


What is your fitness routine like?
I usually train 6 times a week, I usually take either Sunday or Wednesday off as a rest day in which I tend to do some mobility work or light cardio.  I either train in the Bodybuilding in limerick or CrossFit limerick depending on the type of training I plan on doing. I pick a specific area I want to train each day such as legs, upper body etc.. And then incorporate a CrossFit/HITT workout at the end of each session. This could range from anything from an AMRAP to an EMOTM or a WOD for time such as 21-15-9 of wall balls, squat cleans and burpees to row 5km. I always record my workouts to keep note of my times and the weights that I have been lifting. This allows me to compare and track my workouts and any improvements I’ve been making.



 What is your day to day diet like?
I feel like your diet is a vital component when training so I try to be as good as possible.
I keep it very simple. For breakfast I would usually have eggs, some green vegetables and some cottage cheese or proats with berries. For lunch I would have some lean protein, so chicken, turkey, salmon with more vegetables, brown rice/quinoa/sweet potatoes. For snacks throughout the day I usually bring some boiled eggs, rice crackers, fruit, bounce energy balls (orange and coca are my favourite) or a quest bar with coffee is always a good choice!
I usually train in the evening after work so dinner all depends on what type of training I’ve done, it always consists of protein be it chicken, turkey salmon or when lazy a protein shake. Then carbohydrates once again would either range from sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa or oats. I tend to eat the same foods day to day just change up the combinations in which I have them.


 What’s your favourite cheat meal?
I have to admit I have a huge sweet tooth! I never crave a take away of any form really but chocolate is always my go to when I get cravings.

Who is your personal Fitspiration?
I’m big into CrossFit so am really inspired by the likes of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Christmas Abbott and my ultimate favourite Lauren Fisher. Lauren is phenomenal she is so strong; I’m just slightly obsessed with her!
If I looked in your gym bag – what would I find?
You would find my weightlifting shoes, weightlifting belt, runners, water bottle, earphones and a towel.


 What is your current fitness goal?
At the moment I’m working on building up my strength and stamina, so have increased the weights and volume I’ve been lifting along with the level of conditioning work I’ve been doing. I also want to improve my gymnastics so thats a current goal of mine I’ve been working on. I literally just want to be able to do everything!


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