Leanne Moore

5 Reasons Why Women Should Be Lifting Weights

1: It Burns Serious Calories:
So many people thing cardio is the only way to go when it comes to burning calories. But in fact here’s where weight training can be a big secret weapon. Sure a cardio session might burn more calories immediately but a weights session goes on burning those calories for up to 72 hours after the session is complete depending of course on the intensity of your session. On top of that – the more muscle mass the body has – the more calories it uses throughout the day doing normal day-to-day jobs. Long story short – calorie burn can continue for the rest of the day and more after a weights workout.


2: It Tones The Body:
So many ladies say to me “I don’t want to build muscle – I just want to tone up…” But what I would love every one with this mindset to know is that “toning” means building muscle! Weight lifting basically allows the body to build muscle tone giving you that more solid and svelte shape you have in mind. The main fear in women’s minds is that they will become bulky – but this is quite simply a myth. It would take years of crazy training, thousands of calories a day and a whole lot of dedication to achieve the type of muscle growth that might be considered “bulky” to some.


3: It Helps Sculpt Gorgeous Curves
Weight training is the best way to build a gorgeous curvy body. One of my favourite workouts is “Glute Day” because it quite literally builds your bottom. If you desire a rounder or more pert bottom, there are a number of weighted exercises that will help. Squats, lunges, hip thrusts, deadlifts, leg curls, split squats and step ups will all go a long way to helping you lift and tone.


4: It Makes You Stronger:
Strong is the new skinny right? Weight training is so beneficial for increasing your body strength. Not only that but adding an element of strength training to your fitness routine can be so motivating. Hitting new personal bests and just seeing how far you improve is a great way to keep you going with your gym training plan.


5: It Helps Sleep, Energy and Health:
Believe it or not but a good gym routine and weights plan will actually help improve your nights sleep. Not ply that but you’ll find you have increased energy during the day and your overall health will only be improved by your healthy living lifestyle.


One thing I do like to point out is that I like a mix of weight training and cardio in order to live a well rounded, healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy happy body and shape. It’s so easy to overdo one element but keeping a nice balance – as with so many things in life – is the key to making sure your body is healthy and happy inside and out. Remember if you are adopting or taking part in a weight training program – stretching, foam rolling and taking time to care for your body is key. I ofter recommend adding a pilates or yoga class into the mix as it can help with stretching out the muscles. Stretching and foam rolling is very much a part of the program.


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