Leanne Moore

Are you looking to TRANSFORM in just 6 weeks?

I get so many questions about online plans – people who are curious to try them but don’t really know if they are right for them so I thought I’d take a little time to explain exactly what is involved.


Here’s a little info on my six week plan:

1: You will be sent an online consultation form to fill out and return so I can see your fitness and food goals and habits.
2: I will deliver to you a training plan for you to follow yourself at the gym – with guided demos of all the exercises listed – via an app.
3: I will deliver a food plan via the app with details on food groups, a sample meal plan, recipes and tips and advice.
4: Each Monday you will be asked to submit your food log for me to look through and give you feedback and advice.
5: You will record your bodyweight and submit picture progress weekly (Friday) via the app – so that I can monitor your progress.
6: I will basically be structuring your workouts and food plans, answering all of your questions and concerns and checking in and motivating you every step of the way.

**NOTE** Gym membership is advised




Who would they suit: 

Anyone who is a gym goer but lacks structure and routine to what they are doing.

Anyone who is unsure of whether or not they are training correctly for their goal.

Anyone who needs a little help and guidance with their food intake and wants to understand more on how to eat for their goals.

Anyone who just simply wants someone to answer to in order to keep them on track.

Please note that you do NOT have to publicly share your progress pics! Any pictures I use come from clients who are happy to share their transformations.


Does this sound like something you need to add to your fitness routine? Click HERE or email me on leannemooreofficial@gmail.com

My 6 week  plan costs a total of €199.