Leanne Moore

Fitspiration Of The Week – Cathal Pendred

My Fitspiration of the week this week is UFC fighter Cathal Pendred. Cathal – who happens to be the other half of my Liir bandmate Michele McGrath – is just back in Ireland after spending five weeks in Mexico preparing for his fight against Augusto Montana which he won on June 13th. Cathal is now prepping for a fight against John Howard in Las Vegas in under two weeks time. Cathal and Howard are set to go head to head at UFC 189 on the same night as Conor McGregor is scheduled to fight. Here’s what Cathal had to say about his fitness routine.


1: What is your weekly fitness routine like? 
My weekly fitness routine is generally two training sessions a day, six days a week. Sunday is rest day. My training days can involve any of the following: wrestling, kick boxing, jujitsu,boxing, strength and conditioning or sparring which combines everything together.
2: What exercises do you like best? 
I don’t do any weights because I put on muscle very easily which is counter productive for me as I need to stay within my weight category, but I do body weight and strongman training and I find this enjoyable.


3: What are your top three fitness tips?
(i) People put a lot of emphasise when training on losing weight but 90% is diet. Abs are made in the kitchen
(ii) Water, water,water
(iii) Make reasonable goals to achieve.


4: What is your favourite “FIT FOOD”?
I eat Fighter Food which is Paleo you can check them out on www.fighterfood.ie


5: Who is your personal “Fitspiration”?
My personal fitspiration is Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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