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Fitspiration of the Week – Personal Trainer Katy Tanham

This weeks “FITSPIRATION” is Personal Trainer Katy Tanham. Katy works in Go Gym in Greystones and both her Facebook Page and Instagram account are amongst my faves….

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Katy Tanham
Katy Tanham

1: How often do you train and what exercises do you do?

Besides teaching classes in work, I would usually weight train about 5/6 times a week! I tend to do a range of exercises to ensure I train every body part throughout the week, such as squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, bent over rows, etc.
2: What is your favourite clean meal?

Hmm, that’s a tough one, I’m in love with so much types of food, it’s hard to pick one! As boring as it sounds, I just love salmon and steamed broccoli! So simple, clean & tasty! I find ‘brain foods’ such as salmon, avocados, etc. literally put me in a good mood!

3: Do you have a personal “fitspiration’?

Not really to be honest! I used to get fitspiration from other girls that are in great shape, but I don’t think there’s point in wanting to look like a particular person, because it’s impossible! I just focus on trying to get myself into the best possible shape, and try to be the best version of myself that I can! (As corny as that sounds, haha)

4: What kind of foods would we find in your fridge?

My fridge is never too full and usually very very green! It’s always stocked up with almond milk, eggs, but mainly greens! Bags of spinach, kale, all types of green vegetables! I love to make juices and pack every meal I eat with greens! Other than that I tend to buy all my food as I go, fresh fish, fresh meat and veg etc.

5: As a personal trainer – what’s your top tip to clients?

My top tips are consistency and patience! Be consistent with your training, try train 3/4 times a week every week, instead of 7days one week, and 1 day another week. And patience, patience, patience! We all want results overnight, but this need for instant results is the very thing that will send us backwards! The more stress we can eliminate, the easier things will happen for us! Get yourself a programme, stick to it, trust the process, and try enjoy the ride! If your patient and consistent, working out will become something you love to do, not something you have to do!

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