Leanne Moore

Fitspiration Of The Week – Personal Trainer Mack

Lemachy – better know to everyone as Mack –  is a Personal Trainer at The Body Building in Raheen and a colleague of mine. From his one on one clients, his popular HIIT classes and his own rugby involvement with Nenagh – Mack is definitely a “fitspiration”. Here’s what he had to say.
1: How often do you train and what exercises do you do?
I train once or twice a week doing strength,explosive and speed work. The days and sessions depend on my rugby matches and training routines. I also judge my training sessions on how involved I am in doing workouts with my clients and teaching classes. I go on how my body feels during the week. I try not to overload. Doing workouts just for a good physique could affect doing my job and playing rugby 100 percent. I have to make sacrifices and keep a good balance between my training and my job.

2: What is your favourite clean meal?
Salmon or any seafood dishes with sweet potato. I love sea food. yummy!

3: Do you have a personal “Fitspiration”?
I really admire THE ROCK Dwyane Johnson.He is the most successful Polynesian in the world and the way he got to where he is and still showing great humility inspires me.

4: What kind of foods would we find in your fridge?
Actimel, vegetables, whole clean meats like chicken and steak as well as salmon and eggs, dairy products and some yogurt.

5: As a Personal Trainer what is your top tip to clients?
Mind conquers everything. You can do anything if you get your mind set right not only in fitness but in life in general.

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