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Fitspiration Of The Week…. Siobhan O’Hagan

I am SUPER excited to have the lovely Siobhan O’Hagan feature as my FITSPIRATION of the week this week. I am completely obsessed with this lovely lady on social media and I just KNOW you will be too!


1: What inspired your love of fitness?
I always battled with my weight so I used to try anything to keep it off. I used to run a lot but never really enjoyed it, it was always a means to ‘earn’ extra calories. The first time I was shown how to use weights I fell in love! I enjoyed training, I enjoyed seeing myself progress and actually looked forward to training. I find it a lot easier than running! Once I got the diet on track I saw the effects weight training was having on my body and I knew I had finally cracked the secret to being happy with my body.


2: What’s your workout routine like? 
I was doing a 3-day Hypertrophy split (Day 1 – Legs, Day 2 – Chest,Shoulders and Triceps, Day 3 – Back and Biceps) and I would do that twice a week with one rest day. I would do little to no cardio. I got to a point where I was very happy with my body and wanted a new challenge so I am working with an excellent coach in Belfast – Pól Murray, who has me working on a lot more strength and movement exercises. I’m still lifting heavy but I am also able to stand on my head now!


3: What does a typical day of food look like for you? 
I tend to eat roughly the same thing every day. I follow “IIFYM” (If It Fits Your Macros) which keeps me full and sane because I am not just having chicken and broccoli 4 times a day! My daily treats keep me going and it has worked well for me so far!
Pre workout: Oats and Chocolate Protein Powder = Chocolate Porridge
Post workout: turkey burger with scrambled egg, feta cheese, spinach and franks hot sauce
Lunch: chicken and sweet potato fries
Afternoon Snack: a protein bar of some sort
Dinner: This can vary but lately it has been a beef stir fry with rice noodles
Evening Snack: Depending on how many ‘macros’ I have left, could be protein pancakes with nut butter and fruit or maybe just Greek yoghurt and berries.


4: What’s your favourite healthy food? 
Sweet Potato! I put it with everything! My second favourite would be any type of nut butter but I’m a divil for going at it with a spoon!


5: Who is your personal FITSPIRATION?
I am obsessed with Paige Hathaway and I just want her lifestyle but closer to home I would have to say my dad. He used to run marathons but in the last 5 years he unfortunately had to have knee surgery, then spinal surgery and then even more unfortunately he had a brain haemorrhage. He recovered fully and he goes to the gym almost every day. I bumped into him there yesterday and watched him deadlifting and I was just so proud. He could have easily sat back for the rest of his life but he always wants to be the best he can be and luckily that rubbed off on me! His ability to run marathons, however, did not 🙂


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