Leanne Moore

Fitspiration Of The Week – Dana Poloniova

I operate from The Body Building gym in Raheen offering Personal Training and since I’ve been there this lovely lady has caught my eye. Dana has been living in Limerick for eight years now and is currently preparing to compete in the Bikini Fitness category at the NABBA Universe contest in France on June 26. She is my “Fitspiration” Of The Week.


Name: Dana Poloniova
Age: 27
Nationality: Slovak

1: Describe your fitness routine.
It’s hard to be specific with my weekly fitness routine as it varies depending on the stage of my preparation.
Off season, when I’m building muscle mass, I train 4 times a week – weight training only – supported by a
high calorie diet based mostly on carbs. Closer to competition time, I slowly decrease calorie intake and start
to implement cardio into my routine. At this time I also weight train 5-6 times a week. For example last week
I started my morning fasted cardio ( 12 weeks out of competition ), so my goal was to get myself out of bed
at 6.30am three times a week. It really wasn’t easy.

2: What exercises do you like best?
I’m not big fan of cardio. I’m a heavy weight training lover. Legs and glutes are my favourite body parts to
train. Many people, especially women are afraid to train with weights because they think it will make them
big. Really it makes you strong, toned and brings a symmetry to your body.

3:What are your top three fitness tips?
i) Find a balance between your weights and cardio training according to your goals – don’t over train
yourself,everything in moderation.
ii) Eat plenty, but healthy. Don’t look for a short term fix, opt for a long lasting lifestyle change and drink plenty of water.
iii) Don’t neglect sleep. Recovery, physical and mental is as important as training or diet.

4: What is your favourite “FIT FOOD”?
I really like a variety of food as healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. But, as I have a sweet tooth, my
favourite FIT FOOD is probably a pancake made from egg whites with protein powder, fried in coconut oil
and served with almond or cashew butter spread on top.

5:Who is your personal “fitspiration”?
There are many great athletes who I look up to but my biggest Fitspiration is probably myself. I know it
might sound a bit selfish, but when I look back at how much I changed my body and quality of life in the last
three years, that’s what motivates me most. And there is so much more I can achieve. Also my boyfriend
Tomasz, who introduced me into this lifestyle and world of competing. He pushes me through my hard days
and surprises me every day with his knowledge. It’s great to share this passion together.

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