Leanne Moore

Three Exercises……. With A Fit Ball

Looking to change up your workout routine with moves you can do from the comfort of your own home? Try these FITBALL exercise out.


Lie on the ball with your middle back resting on top. Curl your upper body forward as if trying to sit up and then lower to the starting position.



Begin this exercise in standing with your feet shoulder width apart, your feet facing forwards and the fit ball positioned between a wall and your lower back. Slowly perform a squat, keeping your back straight. Your knees should be in line with your middle toes and should not move forward past your toes.



Start with your back flat against the ground and the back of your heels firmly on top of the fit ball. Dig your heels into the ball and raise your pelvis upward until your body forms a bridge at about a 30 degree angle. With your core tight and lower back straight, roll the ball inward.  Hold for 1 second at the top, slowly return down to a flat bridge, and repeat. Now whilst you’ll feel the burn in the hamstrings with this exercise – it’s also firing up the core by keeping the hips thrust upwards.

To do these exercises all you need is a FitBall (Swiss Ball). You can find these in many stores like Argos and Elvery’s.

Do 20 reps each exercise and repeat 3-5 times.


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