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A Little Post Workout TLC

So you’ve just started a new workout regime and your body is feeling a little tender to say the least. Here’s a few ways to treat your muscles to a little post-workout TLC to ensure you don’t miss that next workout.


1: Run a Bath  

Take time for a hot bath (or shower if a bath is not an option) and opt for some muscle soothing bath foam. Allow your body to soak for at least 10 minutes to soothe the muscles. Another little tip would be to get yourself some Epsom salts. They are great added to a warm bath for recovery and are proven to relieve pain and muscle cramps, ease stress and relax the body and eliminate toxins from the body. For full details on the benefits of using Epsom salts CLICK HERE. 


2: Stretch

I cannot tell you how important this is. Treat stretching the same way you do your workouts. Yes I know once you’ve finished you’re only dying to get out of the gym but failing to stretch after your session will only lead to injury and that could rule out training altogether! Set aside a little time – if not directly after your session then after your bath or shower to stretch the body thoroughly. Get to know at LEAST one stretch for each major muscle group. Ask the trainer at your gym to take five minutes to go through these with you just as you would with any exercise. 


3: Foam Roll

If you don’t have a foam roller of your own – you can get them HERE and HERE – your gym may have them for your use. Much like stretching, an instructor at your gym will be more than happy to show you through the techniques of rolling out your major muscles. I find the foam roller amazing for quads, hamstrings, calves and the IT Band. Buy one for home and whip it out while you’re catching up on your favourite TV program in the evening.


4: Rehydrate

You may be exerting more than you are used to so remembering to rehydrate needs to be top of your list. make sure your water intake is about 2 litres a day – or 8 glasses – to make sure your body gets what it needs. 


5: Eat Protein

Protein should be the first thing you think about when deciding on a post workout meal. Think about your meal you are planning and make sure there is good quality protein in it. A protein supplement – like a protein shake – is great if you are “on the go” or in a hurry. If you can make a protein smoothie they are delicious (for my recipe CLICK HERE) but a well-balanced meal is always my first option when I can. 


Remember following these little steps will help your body recover faster after your workouts. Train smart and give yourself a little TLC. 


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