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Ask Leanne – How Do I Get Back On Track After Holidays?

A few people have been in touch this week asking for tips on how to get motivated after returning from holidays. It’s probably one of the hardest things to do to be honest – the body finds it hard to switch out of holiday mode and more often than not you are probably after over indulging with food and drinks that you wouldn’t normally consume. This all leads to a tired and sluggish you and getting motivated to gym and eat healthy is the last thing you want to do. Here are some little steps to take that might help.

1: Don’t Crash Diet
The number one rule here is not to skip meals. Just because you have overindulged does not mean you should mess with your metabolism in a bid to miss out on calories. You’ll be doing yourself more harm than good. Instead return to your usual routine and healthy eating choices. Return to your usual routine. It will take a few days to start feeling “normal” but stick it out.

2: Get Back To The Gym
This is definitely easier said than done. Take it in little steps. Set out a goal to get in say three sessions in the week – start small and you will hit that goal ready to up the sessions next week. Make a date with a gym buddy for some added motivation or even book a few sessions with a trainer just to give you a little kick start. Remember exercise can really help boost not only your mood but also digestion. It’s tough getting through a session if you are feeling bloated and sluggish but you can be certain you will feel miles better for it once you are done.


Pre-holiday vs post holiday - Just a little bloated which is perfectly fine but feeling tired and lethargic.
Pre-holiday vs post holiday – Just a little bloated which is perfectly fine but feeling tired and lethargic.


3: Be Mindful Of Digestion
After holiday’s we can all feel a little bit bloated. It might be wise to try steer clear of any stodgy foods or foods that take a longer time to digest in the body for a few days – till you start feeling more like you. I’d recommend avoiding bread and red meat until you are feeling “normal” again. Instead choose fish or even white meat (chicken, turkey) which will be lighter on the tummy. Apple Cider Vinegar is a handy thing to have in the kitchen. It aids digestion so a quick shot will get to work and help your bodies natural rhythms. It’s not the tastiest of things but it works a treat. Obviously drinking plenty of water is also going to help you flush out any toxins so make sure to increase the H2O. Ginger is always a good option too – especially to help with any nausea. Grate some fresh ginger into a green juice – just a small bit will go a long way. Lastly leave off the milky teas and coffees for the day and instead try some peppermint tea or fruit flavoured teas.


4: Try A New Class 

Adding a gym class to your usual gym routine will be an added calorie burner for the initial weeks after returning from holiday’s. But not only that – it will also be a definite gym session in the week that you have to stick to. Try a HIIT class, a spin class or a circuit class  – all excellent high intensity choices – and far more motivating than trying to put yourself through your paces in the gym.




5: Realise It’s Ok To Enjoy Yourself

Holiday’s are something that we work towards and enjoy. Whatever that means for you – you should do that. If you are happy and relaxed training and eating healthy foods do that. If you are happy and relaxed pounding on the beach and sipping cocktails – do that. The main thing to remember is that your holiday should be guilt free. You worked hard to afford it and you deserve the treat. So enjoy it – no fretting about body weight, bloating, not training. That should not be causing you stress. And when you are home, you will then have a little more fire in your belly to get back to your healthy habits and gym life.


Motivation is a funny thing. What works for me may not work for you. Take it in baby steps and set short term goals. Start with todays workouts and todays meals. Deal with tomorrow tomorrow!


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