Leanne Moore

Be Inspired For 2017

Are you looking for some 2017 Inspiration? 



Today I thought I’d pop up a little post sharing with you some of the people I find inspiring! A few lovelies to add to your social media feeds. 


Tally Rye



Tally is a personal trainer based in London and one of my favourite fitness bloggers. I’ve been following her since early last year and love what she does. Last October on a trip to London I got in touch with Tally and we met for a good ole chat! Her approach to fitness and food is very similar to mine and I love her positivity. She’s also a fellow member of the Puma #TeamFaster family. You”ll find her on Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat: Talitharye




Ellen Kavanagh Jones



Oh I just love this lady. Girl boss, mummy, fashionista and all round lady! Ellen (owner of Waxperts) is one of my favourites on Snapchat (waxpertsellen). I just love how she shows her life. Work and family as well as fashion and beauty and so much in between. Being a #girlboss is such a big ambition of mine and I love how Ellen shares how she does it all. On top of that she’s such an amazing supporter of other ladies in business. A must on your 2017 Instagram feed! You’ll find Ellen HERE



Sinead O’Brien



A fellow Limerick lady and a fellow blogger. Sinead’s Curvy Style is a brand she created and grew throughout 2016. I love this lady’s “real” approach on social media – what you see is what you get and I really love that. On top of growing an amazing brand Sinead is also a singer ( another common thread between us!) This lady just comes across as such a hard worker and someone that you can see has ambition and drive. I just love that. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram and her Snapchat name is: SineadsStyle




Suzanne Jackson and Pippa O’Connor 

I’m sure there is not a lady in Ireland who does not follow Suzanne and Pippa but I HAD to include them because they both absolutely RULED 2016. Aside from the content on their amazing blogs – these ladies have filled me with so much drive for the year ahead. It’s mind-boggling what they have achieved and I’m in awe of them both. My favourite thing about these two ladies is not their fashion or beauty products but the example they have set carving their amazing career paths. It’s truly inspiring. 




Now with all that inspo in your back pocket it’s time to SLAY 2017!!!


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