Leanne Moore

The Best Ways To Track Progress

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what are the best ways to track progress. Today I’m giving you my five top tips. I’m forever preaching to clients to step away from the scales. In fact if a client comes to me saying “I want to lose 7lbs….” my answer is usually: “right let’s reset that goal.” Don’t base your workout goal on a number on the scales, it won’t show you the true results of all your hard work.  Here are some other ways to track your progress. 


1: Take Pictures

This is singly the best tool in my opinion for tracking progress. I always tell my clients to take photos following this criteria:

  • Take photos in the same mirror
  • Take photos at the same time each week
  • Try to wear the same clothing in each snap
  • Take photos from the front, from the back and from the side

Picture progress does not lie. You can clearly see changes as they happen and it can be such a motivational tool for people too. 


2: Take Measurements

Measurements are my next favourite way to track progress. Get a measuring tape and take monthly measurements. My top areas for seeing results are: 

  • Waist – Place the tape over your belly button line
  • Hips – Place the tape at the widest point of hips/bottom
  • Chest – Place the tape over the nipple line
  • Legs – Record each leg individually placing tape around widest point of the thigh


3: Note How You Feel

Your body and how you feel in your skin will not lie. Notice your moods, notice how your tummy feels, notice how your body feels. Sometimes that kind of progress is all you need. Feeling good is what we all strive for. Feeling good in your own skin is amazing.  Are you feel like you have more energy?Are you feeling stronger? Have you been lifting heavier? Have you been running for longer? Has that class you’ve been doing gotten easier? Do you feel less stressed? Have you noticed more muscle definition? Little changes can lead to big progress.



4: Note How Your Clothes Feel

Notice the changes in how your clothes feel on your body. Notice if they are looser or tighter. Notice how you feel wearing them.



5: Step Away From The Scales

I feel so strongly about this point that I am going to say it again, try not to get caught up with weighing yourself. It’s the single most de-motivating thing I find when working with clients. Weight really does not accurately reflect the changes that are and can be made following a food and fitness plan.


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