Leanne Moore


It can be hard in the winter mornings to find the energy and motivation to get up and get your day started; don’t panic! This is natural and happens everyone. The important thing is to know how to pull yourself out of this slump and these are five top motivational tips for doing just that!



  1. Set specific goals and write them down

The first tip I have to motivate myself (and you!) is to set specific goals and to write them down! This may seem scary but it is so easy to get into a slump with no motivation when you have no set goals for yourself; they don’t have to be impossible tasks. Of course, having big goals to work towards is great, but there is no harm in smarting small. Even if you make a daily goals list to start with, and have small tasks like: have all my work done by 5pm, fit in a LIFT class at 6pm, make a nice dinner at 7.30pm etc., and once you get comfortable with this you can start towards bigger goals and working towards them will seem a lot more doable!


  1. Know your why

This motivation tip may seem a little quirky, but it is SO important to know you are working towards the goals you’ve set for yourself. Why do you want to exercise? Why are you avoiding snack foods and sweets? It’s so important to know why you’re doing something, or else, you’ll be doing your tasks unmotivated and feel like giving up. If you can trace it back to the why, why you started in the first place, then your motivation will be restored and you’ll never lose sight as to why you started in the first place! Simple tricks like writing out your WHY in a journal or saving it as the screen saver in your phone – as an image or text – will give you a little reminder of your personal ‘why’ maybe when you need it most. 


  1. Surround yourself with motivated people

Our third tip might be a little strange but I promise; it works! Research shows that by surrounding yourself goal-orientated people and like-minded people who are working towards goals and aims themselves helps motivate you. In saying that, I am not saying to tell all your current friends you don’t want to see them anymore! Even by just having a gym buddy you can meet up with or text or call two or three times a week and talk about your progress can be a big motivator. 


  1. Have a morning routine

My next tip is to establish a morning routine – be it 5 mins or 55 minutes – set up a routine that fits your day and sets you up in the right way. Even something as easy as making your bed can be a part of your morning routine. It may seem like a simple task but there is logic behind it. When you get up, make your bed straight away. It doesn’t have to be up to hotel standards; just throw the blanket up and down and arrange the pillows! Straight away you have already done one task today and that little fulfilment you feel will be enough to help you get your day started. For me personally I like to read and do a short little yoga practice each morning. This might not fit your schedule, so establish something that works for you! One of the biggest downfalls is starting your day with negativity; and the little tasks in your personal morning routine can help set up your day with positivity. 


  1. Adopt a mantra

While this last tip might not be everybody’s cup of tea, I think it is definitely worth a go and can be really helpful in establishing gratitude in your life and in turn, motivation. The next time you feel stressed, unmotivated or like you just don’t want to do anything, repeat mantra to yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, it can be something as simple as “I can do it”. Repeat it in your head a few times and then start doing your task while repeating the mantra. After a few times of doing this, it will become natural to do and you will equate the mantra with success and motivation!


I hope you picked up something from these five top tips for motivation. Don’t forget to follow Leanne on social media for more tips, tricks and fitness workouts! I am on Instagram and Facebook