Leanne Moore

Leanne’s Top Tips…. On How To Cure Your Party Season Hangover

Christmas party season is most definitely apon us and that means maybe one or two EXTRA nights on the tiles that we usually wouldn’t indulge in. I’m sure each and everyone of us have foods we typically reach to for that “hangover cure” but chances are those very foods aren’t doing what you intend them to do.


Don’t go reaching for your usual hangover cures. They actually end up making you feel WORSE than you already do. Instead take a look at a list of foods that might actually help rid of that headache and have you feeling right as rain for the next night of celebrations.
1: Eggs
The perfect breakfast! Eggs can actually fight alcohol induced toxins and they are protein packed to boot.


2: Coconut Water
Don’t reach for the sugary energy drinks. coconut water helps re-hydrate AND rebalance electrolytes.


3: Bananas 
Literally FULL of potassium and magnesium that will no doubt be depleted after consuming alcohol. A lack of potassium can lead to nausea and tiredness. Feeling nauseous? Tuck into a banana!


4: Watermelon
Alcohol can deplete blood sugar levels so filling up on watermelon can boost that with its fructose as well as re-hydrate with its water content. Perfect!


5: Oats:
Oats will slowly help raise low blood sugar levels and add a little “soakage”. Dress them up with fresh fruit and nut butters to make them extra appetising.


And remember it’s not quite Christmas yet! Try stick to some of your healthy routine for now. A common mentality is to say “I’ll start new in January…..” But January is TWO weeks away. There is a lot of “undoing” to be done by then. Have your nights out and ENJOY them but in between try to focus on what I call “damage control”. Add a little extra to your usual workouts to make sure you are burning off those extra calories.


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