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Leanne’s Top Tips…… On How To Stay Motivated

We’ve all been there. Bought new gym gear, pencilled in a diet start date and started a new gym routine. Only to land four days into the “new you” and fail to find motivation to continue. Sound familiar? Well here are some tips and tricks that might help keep you on track.

1: Keep Track

Pin up a calendar on your fridge or notice board. Pencil in the days you’ve worked out. Once you start to se those boxes shaded in you’ll get a great sense of motivation to continue.

2: Find a Gym Buddy

It can be easier said than done but having a gym buddy can keep you on track. Challenge each other, plan your workouts together and keep on each others tails! Another great plus is that it’ll be rare that both of you are lacking motivation at the same time. So when one lacks the other will make up for it.

3: Set A Goal

Don’t be content to just workout aimlessly. Set a goal. Challenge yourself weekly or monthly. Set dates for achievements and stick to them. If you can do 5 push ups aim for ten. If you’ve holidays booked aim to see a change in body composition. Setting a target is very often the key to success.

4: Make a Playlist

Music playlists can sometimes be all the motivation you need. Treat yourself to a new tune each week and add to your gym playlist. Stick your headphones on and enjoy time in your own little world.

5: Keep a Food Diary

When it comes to making good food choices keeping a written diary is always a winner. Writing down the hard truth of what you choose to eat can sometimes be motivation enough to keep you on track.

6: Have a YOU Day

If you are particularly low on energy and don’t fancy a workout session – opt for a “you” day as an alternative. Don’t reach for the nearest bar of chocolate – instead take a sauna, relax for 20 mins in the steam room, take a bath, go for a light swim or even a light walk. Treat yourself by treating your body.

7: Reward Yourself

Keep a rewards jar and pop in a euro for every workout you complete. That way at the end of the month/two months you’ll have (hopefully) notched up enough to treat yourself to something nice, be it a new top, some new gym gear or even the ultimate cheat meal!

8: Go NOW

Don’t put the workout you are thinking about now off until later. Chances are it’ll never happen that way. Stop thinking about doing it and actually DO it. Go now, there is no time like the present.

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