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Making The Best Of Eating On The Go

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One of the questions I get asked a lot about is what food can you reach for on the go. The truth is there are SO MANY options out there if you are hoping to stay on track and eat healthy. Restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and even service stations have all really upped their game making it easier to grab good food on the go.


In this post I am going to talk you through some of the choices I made on-the-go last week. I have also included some other recommendations and the cost of the food choices I made.



For one day last week I tried to pick up healthy eating options on the go. Here’s what I opted for…..

MEAL 1: 

This was more a pre-breakfast snack. I didn’t have time to grab anything more before an appointment. I opted for a banana and a bottle of water. I also picked up a packet of chewing gum.

Total: €3.85


MEAL 2: 

I picked up a porridge pot from Costa Coffee and an Americano. I love coffee but try have one or two MAX in a day. The porridge pot was the best choice I could make here and even still it had sugar added. I wanted to get the fruit compote to go with it but there was a lot of additives so I just chose the porridge and asked them to add hot water instead of milk.

Total: €4.95 


MEAL 3: FullSizeRender-5


I was treated to lunch at an event at Pilates Plus Dublin  but the foods similar to what we ate are definitely available in many shops nationwide and it was what I would have opted for anyway! I had a salad pot from Gourmet Food Kitchen so lets take a guess and say a deli salad usually retails at about €3.50 – €4 . Remember it doesn’t have to be exactly the products I ate. Any good deli will make you up a fresh salad. Mine contained chicken, spinach, pomegranate, orange, beetroot and quinoa. I also had a green juice – usually these retail at about €4 so lets pop it in as that.

Total: €8.00 



MEAL 4: 



I was running a little low on protein yesterday so I chose a Fulfil bar from a local Spar shop and also grabbed another coffee (oops) from Costa.

Total: €5.95



MEAL 5: 


I stopped in to Chopped and got a takeaway bowl with spinach, sweet potato, mexican chicken, feta cheese, chick peas and cashews.

Total: €5.50



MEAL 6: 

I ate at home! It was a Spanish Omellete though if you are interested followed by a big bowl of Proyo!


Total Spend: €28.25


My Thoughts:

It’s damn well expensive to eat out all day long. Why wouldn’t you bring a little prepared food from home! A few chicken fillets, some fresh fruit and greek yoghurt, veg and sweet potato would do you for the day in less than €10!

It certainly was not hard to pick up healthier food options. You don’t have to reach for the bread roll or wrap and if you do fancy a little something sweet – low sugar protein bars are literally available everywhere these days!

Read the labels! Simple things like the pre boxed porridge and its accompaniments had so many hidden extras. Make sure if you are choosing pre-packaged foods that you take time to have a look at the labels and know and become familiar with the better brands.

If none of the above food choices tickle your fancy here’s a few more I tend to reach for if I am stuck.




1: Go to the deli counter and ask for two boiled eggs. Easy to eat and surprisingly filling!

2: The handy on-the-go porridge pots are great. If its not from a cafe all it takes is some boiled water from the tea vending machine in your local shop and you are good to go! Opt for the plain variety though and add some of your own fresh fruit (i.e. berries) as opposed to getting the pre made fruit flavours. There can be a lot of hidden sugars.



For Lunch:

1: Centra’s Live Well Range: Centra sell some amazing salad boxes all for €5 and I think they are great. The option with the chicken breast with a beetroot and quinoa salad is my favourite. But there are also options with salmon and ham. Have a look in your local store.

2: If it’s a carvery option just opt for the fish, chicken, turkey and vegetables. Steer clear of fattier cuts of meat such as beef, pork etc. Pass on covering your plate with gravy too and ask for some on the side so you can use sparingly.

3: At a deli counter choose a salad box. Meat, boiled eggs, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot, gherkins, pineapple and greens all make for a very tasty salad bowl. I usually get a little sprinkle of cheese too!



For Dinner:

A lot of what applied for lunches can apply here. However if you are at a business meeting or dinner engagement – the easiest rule of thumb to apply is:

1: Pass on the bread basket

2: Have a salad to start so that you don’t overeat on the main course

3: Choose fish, white meat and vegetables for the main and leave the potatoes and chips alone!



For Snacks:

1: I love low sugar protein bars as a snack. It’s no secret that Quest Bars are my favourite. I love the Cookie Dough and the Double Chocolate flavours. Other brands low in sugar include the Nutramino and the CNP ranges. Have a look at the nutritional info on the back. I usually only opt for one with a sugar content of below 7-8grams per bar.

2: Raw nuts and fruit – I love grabbing a small pack of raw cashews or almonds for an on the go snack. Usually I team this with an apple or a small pack of berries. **TIP** Only buy the handy pack of nuts. Chances are if you don’t you may end up eating the lot and that would send your fat intake up for the day.

3: Vegetable Juice – Another favourite of mine. I usually opt for a juice with more vegetables in it as opposed to fruit to keep the sugar count low. I love beetroot juice combos for an added energy boost.

Remember too to bring along a large bottle of water and keep hydrated throughout the day. That will go a long way to keeping cravings at bay.


I hope you picked up a little something from this post.


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