Leanne Moore


A New Year and a New Challenge! This week marks three months of LIFT By Leanne so I wanted to introduce a new element to the subscription to help motivate you in your training! Throughout 2021 we will be taking on a series of LIFT Challenges with the first 8-Week one kicking off Monday 4th January! Here are all the details on our New Years Challenge.


There will be 1 winner of the 8 week challenge who will walk away with a €1,000 cash prize! Five runners up will also get a complimentary months membership to the LIFT By Leanne subscription. 



  • Join our LIFT By Leanne Subscription 
  • Take your “Before” photos (optional).
  • Complete 4 workouts per week from Monday January 4th to Sunday February 28th inclusive. These can be ANY of the workouts on the LIFT By Leanne subscription LIVE, CATCHUP or ANYTIME. 
  • Share some pictures of yourself or your workout setup before or after your workout to your social media tagging @Liftbyleanne and using the hashtag #LIFTChallenge (This does not have to be done every time you workout but even one or two mentions over the 8 weeks will be a bonus!)
  • Take your “After” photos on or after Sunday February 28th (optional). 
  • Submit your “Challenge Form” before Wednesday 3rd March 
  • The winner of the €1000 cash prize will be chosen by the LIFT By Leanne team and will be announced on Sunday 7th March via the LIFT By Leanne email and the LIFT By Leanne Instagram account. 
  • You must be a LIFT By Leanne Subscriber from on or before Wednesday 6th January to the challenge finish date to be in with a chance to win. 


The “Challenge Form”  will be emailed to all LIFT By Leanne subscribers on Saturday 27th February where you will be required to fill it out complete with your before and after photos (optional*). 

*As we all know – LIFT By Leanne is not primarily focused on body transformations. Rather I want my members to form healthy workout habits and make fitness and feeling good a part of your life. However, photos are an incredible tool for measuring progress and a huge motivating factor. So whilst the option will be there to submit your photos along with the challenge form – it will not be necessary for you to do so. Your chance to win the challenge will be based on several factors (including workouts completed and testimonials) and so photos are not compulsory. A workout tracker template will be emailed to all LIFT subscribers on Monday January 4th so you can begin to track your workouts. 

If you are currently a LIFT By Leanne subscriber and you do not want to partake in the challenge you do not have to! You simply continue your training as you always have.

If you are not yet a LIFT By Leanne subscriber and you want to join the challenge CLICK HERE NOW! 

Let’s LIFT! 

Leanne x