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Protein Powders – Yay Or Nay?

By far one of the most popular questions I get asked is – is it ok to use protein powder. Today I’ve pieced together a post that might just answer all your protein packed queries!


Firstly protein powders are everywhere, in every flavour and widely available so choosing brands and varieties is nearly a job in itself. My golden rule is try to choose a brand that has minimal additives. Flip the container round the the nutritional info and see exactly whats contained in the tub.


Depending on your fitness goal – ask a member of staff to help you choose the brand that best suits you. Some protein powders are loaded with hidden extras – and you don’t need that!



What are the benefits?


1: Well first and foremost its convenient. A handy little scoop in a shaker, add a drop of water and bobs your uncle you’ve 20g+ of protein in a few mouthfuls.


2: Most brands have delicious flavours that you can use to drink straight or add to other foods to make yummy dishes like protein pancakes and my personal fave – Pro-Yo.


3: It’s a fast absorber! Protein powder is quickly absorbed and used by the body – a little quicker than say a chicken fillet would be so from that point of view your muscles are getting the protein they need a tad bit faster.



Are there any disadvantages?

1: Well getting your protein from REAL food sources is always going to be a winner for me. I prefer (most of the time) to opt for chicken, turkey, fish, meats, plant proteins so I don’t miss out on any of the other nutrients in foods. That’s not to say I steer clear of protein powders. I always try to remember that they are highly processed so I tend to use them in moderation.
My Verdict


Protein powders can be a great way to compliment a solid lifting routine in the gym. If your goal is to grow or build muscle – a post-workout shake can be benefical in helping you reach the required protein intake for the day.


My advice – for what it’s worth – is that if your goal is weight loss – concentrate mainly on achieving a good relationship with real foods first. Know that you can indulge in a treat but know too that for the most part you should be opting for wholesome, clean and nutritious foods. Don’t get bogged down in supplements just yet. Once you’ve mastered and achieved consistency – you can then move forward from there.


I hope this little post helps!


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