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Six Simple Ways To Be Happier

When writing posts I always try to root my advice to my own past experiences. Happiness is one of the things I feel I know about. Mainly because I spent a long time feeling unhappy. Over the years, I’ve taken simple measures in my life to ensure – as much as is possible – that I remain upbeat and happy. I honestly believe that health and happiness are the two things in life we all should strive towards. Here are six simple ways to be happier. 


1: Exercise
It’s really the answer to a LOT of problems, but simple exercise goes a long way to helping you feel happy. Exercise helps the body release natural endorphins and can really stimulate you helping you feel happy and good. It doesn’t have to mean going to the gym either. Go for a walk, a jog, a swim, take a dance class, try a cycle, do a home workout or quite simply – just move more day-to-day and you will feel the benefits.

2: Get Outdoors
Another super simple thing you can plan to do daily is to spend sometime outdoors. Fresh air can really blow away the cobwebs or blue feelings you might be experiencing and help you to feel a lot brighter. Go for a scenic walk, take the dog out, get out to the park with the kids, or simply sit in the garden to have your morning coffee. The outdoors is a great mood booster.

3: Meditate Or Yoga
This is an amazing way to switch off and quiet the mind, if you just give it a chance. I was slow to see the benefits of yoga and meditation, but I do understand their power. Simply bringing your thoughts to a very quiet level in your head will allow you the chance to have a little quiet and really boost your mood. If you are a beginner (like me) I suggest you try a class to really help you get started. More advanced meditator can certainly practice at home but in the beginning having the guidance and direction of a teacher will help you get the most from it.


4: Listen To Music
Another really simple and effective way to boost your happy hormones. Listening to music is a sure-fire way to help stimulate happiness. Have you ever tried listening to an old album? The songs help to trigger the release of dopamine, a feel good chemical. Pop on some old school Carpenters or even Westlife’s first album and feel the nostalgia flood your system.


5: Spend Time With Family Or Friends
We are all far too screen-friendly in this day and age and it greatly impacts on our time for real life contact. Don’t forget to pencil in time with family and friends each week. Making a human connection is an amazing happiness booster. Spending time, laughing, talking, sharing and reminiscing with friends and family will go far towards helping you to be happier.


6: Count Your Blessings
You’ve heard of this phrase right? Well it couldn’t be more true. It’s simply a way to get you focused on all the wonderful things in your life. Take a few minutes at the start or the end of your day to list even three things you are grateful for in your life or even in the day you’ve just had. I think you’ll find there are far more than you think.


Happiness is a gift, its something we all can have – if we choose to have it. I spent far too long focusing on all the things that made me unhappy and failed to see the amount of things around me that actually made me feel good and smile. Keep these little ideas close to hand and remember that nothing you get will magically make you happy. Happiness is a feeling, a thought, a decision from within. I hope you can find something useful in my six simple ways to be happier. Have a great week everyone.

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