Leanne Moore

How To Stay Motivated To Workout

Motivation is a funny thing. In fact if we could bottle it and sell it – we’d be rich! So today’s little blog post is a little look at how to stay motivated to workout! Take a look. 



Write It Down

Buy a journal and get in to the habit of writing down how you feel after a workout. It only has to be a few bullet points. Then on the days when  you are feeling a little less motivated, take out the journal and have a little read of all the things you have written down previously. Exercise is a great good mood booster so chances are that journal will contain all the motivation you need!



Try Group Workouts

Hire a trainer to do a group weights session (this will also reduce the cost per person) or get in and do your cardio in one of the classes at your gym. Being surrounded by people for your workouts will minimise potential boredom and ensure you push yourself a little harder too.



Set Yourself Some Mini Challenges

A Sunday evening is the perfect time to set yourself some weekly challenges or goals. You might decide to aim for an extra session one week, or to try a fitness challenge you’ve seen online. I often share a Finisher Of The Week on Instagram so that could be a little source of weekly challenges for you!



Document Your Progress

Half the battle with any fitness routine is not having anyone to “answer to”. Start a little social media account get all your friends in on the action and share recipes, workouts and motivational quotes! Follow some guys and gals that you think are similar to you or you find interesting or helpful and let that be a source of inspiration!



Reward Yourself

I love this little tip. Start a “Workout Jar” and pop €2 into it every time you get in a workout! At the end of the month you will (hopefully) have tallied enough to “treat yo’self” to something nice be it a new pair of trainers, a gym membership or even an epic treat meal!




Take Progress Pictures

Photos can be all the motivation you need! Take a picture in the same gym gear, at the same time of day, in the same lighting at the end of each week. The small subtle changes you see when you post the pics side by side can be so motivational!



I hope you can take a few tips and tricks from this post! Follow me on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and SNAPCHAT for more.


Leanne x