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The Christmas Party Dress Challenge

It’s very nearly silly season and chances are you are getting ready to sparkle in your Christmas party dress. Now I know I’m not much of a girly girl but actually when it comes to getting dolled up for a night out – I really enjoy it. Knowing that your Christmas party is a mere WEEKS away is the perfect motivation to make a little change. Get that dress out, get a picture of the one you are going to buy and put it someplace you see it EVERYDAY. Now the challenge has been set – here’s what you have to do!


1: Clean Up The Diet
Right it’s time to get serious about your diet. With only weeks to go you need to start NOW to reap the benefits. Are you willing to give it 100% effort? It will mean
– DO NOT skip meal. That’s a sure fire way to ensure you hold onto body fat. By doing that you are messing up your metabolism when you should be aiming to CORRECT it.
– Eat 5 small meals a day – this will make sure you metabolism stays fired up
– Try to steer clear of carbs in the evenings. DON’T avoid carbs altogether – just try to get them in earlier in the day.
– Steer clear of sugar altogether.
– Drink PLENTY of water.
– And if you really want to get serious about it, try avoid alcohol as well. It’ll be worth it when you slip into your party dress on the night.
– Have a cheat meal (to keep you sane) but not a cheat DAY. Don’t go overboard splashing out on thousands of calories. Think about what you fancy and treat yourself to it at the end of the week in one sitting then leave it there. Throw out any leftovers if you have to. I NEVER let chocolate sitting in the press at home. It’s just too hard to resist.
Remember food is like 70-80% of the work. No matter how hard you train in the next few weeks – if your diet is not on point you WILL NOT see rests.


2: Get Some Workouts In
If you have a gym membership – use it. Ask one of the fitness instructors for a plan and go to the gym with a purpose. NEVER arrive at the gym not knowing what you are going to do. That way – nothing will actually get done. If a plan is not an option – book into a class, try something new and challenge yourself. If you are enjoying what you are doing in the gym – whether its a class, a challenge, a program or social meet – you will stick with it. MAKE time for it. Get up an hour earlier or get home home an hour later. Make it YOU time. If you don’t have a gym membership look up some fitness moves you can do at home, get outside (I know it’s cold) but wrap up and take a power walk or a jog, you’ll be warm in no time!


Last years Christmas Party Dress
Last years Christmas Party Dress


3: Stick It Out And MARK Your Progress
More often than not we give up on something at the first blip. DON’T. Sit down and create a calendar marking out the days till your chosen date. At the end of each day give your self a percentage. Divide it into say 15% segments. Your five small meals will add to 75% and allow the remaining 25% to your workout. Score yourself. If three of your meals were completely on point but you skipped your two snacks and got a workout in – you’d score 70%. Aim for that 100% every time. Share you scores on social media. Tag me and let me in on the progress!


4: Reward yourself:
For the next few weeks – each time you get a workout in – pop €1 into the “Christmas Party” jar. When the night finally arrives you’ll have a little cash to get the perfect lippie, get that up style you wanted or treat yourself to a little shellac manicure for the night. It sounds a little funny but having a physical reminder of your hard work will make you feel amazing.


Short term goals are the best goals – because they appear more doable. If you are taking the #ChristmasDressChallenge tag me in your social media posts using the hashtag #LeanneMooreFitness.
Stick with it – we can ALL sparkle this Christmas.


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