Leanne Moore

Tips For A Productive Week

This morning I began my day feeling a little over whelmed by the week ahead. So I decided this little blog post would centre on that. How can we all take little steps to help us towards a less stressful week?  Here are my top tips for a productive week. 



1: Take things one thing at a time: 

This is something that I had to be reminded of just this morning. When faced with the full week ahead I got a little overwhelmed thinking of all I had to do. My other half Dave simply reminded me of the best way to tackle this over-whelming feeling. He told me to think of the very first thing I had to get done and to simply do that. Not to think beyond that, but simply to concentrate on one job at a time. I have a tendency to start thinking about the full week on a Monday and that leads to my mind getting bogged down with all my thoughts swimming in all directions. Dave brought it back to basics. One thing at a time. No more. 


2: Make a reasonable to-do list: 

One thing I am guilty of is trying to get everything done in a day! Remember there are only so many things we can realistically get through in one 24-hr slot. Be reasonable. Don’t over load your day-to-day. Figure out what has to be done urgently and prioritise that. You are setting yourself up to have a good day if you are selective with the to-do list. It’s very rewarding getting things ticked off and finished. 


3: De-clutter your space:

This might sound like it has nothing to do with the idea of being productive, but actually it has a big impact. If you are working or living in a space that is cluttered, busy and “full” you are far less likely to be in a productive mindset. Spending some time on simple things like organising the house, clearing out your desk or even cleaning your car – set up your mind for success. It frees the space in your thoughts and really allows you to get stuck in with your best foot forward. 


4: Find time to exercise: 

Exercise, whether you like it or not, is “you time”. No one else can do it for you. It may be the last thing you want to do on a given day when you’ve been stretched at work but even a quick 20 minutes will go a long way to helping your mind de-stress from the day and release a few of those feel good hormones! 


5: Get some fresh air and sunlight: 

Another underrated little exercise is making sure you get outdoors even for a few minutes. Sunlight has been proven to boost productivity and alertness so getting a little walk in to the coffee shop or even simply getting to sit by an open window can do wonders for you. Why not try walk to collect the kids from school, take a 15 minute walk on your work lunch break or schedule some “outside moments” into your day-to-day. See if it works for you! 


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Leanne x