Leanne Moore


When trying to get motivated at home, it can be tough to have a space without any distractions. Here are my top tips for your home workout space.


Set Up Your Space
Whether it’s in the siting room, the spare room, the garage or the attic – if you are serious about making home workouts a part of your routine, it’s vital that you choose the space you will use wisely. Make it the “workout zone” for the time you choose and set it up with everything you need. You want to be able to have a space that you like- no one wants to workout in a cramped, dark corner! Pick a room, maybe a spare room, where you will be able to move a few things around to make a designated workout zone for yourself.

Invest In Creating An Atmosphere
After you have chosen the space it’s time to create a great workout atmosphere. Think about what inspires you most when working out and mimic it. A fresh coat of paint or some cool posters or pictures are just small things you can add to your space to motivate you to use it more. A space that is enjoyable to be in will really motivate you to get through your workouts. If you’re doing a gentle class like yoga or pilates – get an essential oil diffuser or a candle to set the tone. If you are taking part in a more energetic class – get yourself a nice speaker to hear the music or even a TV to cast the workouts to a bigger screen.

Keep it Warm and Clean
Another small tip is to keep that space tidy and warm! Yes you’re sure to warm up pretty fast with a workout but it can be off putting to have to start if you’re feeling the chill! Similarly – you will be more inclined to get in the zone to workout if you are using a space that is tidy and prepared. Investing in some storage boxes where you can store your equipment when not in use is also a great shout! Easily taken out to set up and just as easy to tidy away once you’re done.

Invest In Equipment
It may be daunting thinking about all the equipment you will need and the amount of money you will spend. But the good news is you don’t have to break the bank to successfully stock up on home workout essentials. Start small with a mat, a few options on dumbbells (a lighter set and a heavier set) and maybe some resistance bands. You can always build from there. A few places that stock great home workout equipment are Apollo Fitness , Fitness Equipment Ireland, and D8 Fitness.

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