Leanne Moore

What I Currently Eat In A Day

A question I get asked almost every week is – what do I eat . So this week I decided to pop down what I currently eat in a day  



My absolute favourite breakfast is the simple combo of eggs, avocado and toast. People always ask me “Do you eat bread?” My simple answer is yes! But I do make sure to adopt some “rules”.

  • I always try to buy the healthiest bread I can get my hands on. Wholemeal and multi-seed varieties are my favourites. 
  • I don’t eat bread at more than one meal in the day – half the problem with bread is that we are so dependent on it. So many are used to cereal and toast at breakfast and sandwiches for lunch and maybe toast before bed. Cut it down to one meal max per day. 


What I Currently Eat In A Day



As a snack mid morning I usually go for fruit and a protein bar or a smoothie and a protein bar. My faves are a green smoothie with a combo of fruits and greens – like spinach, kale, avocado, banana, berries and ice. And protein bar wise I love Fulfil and Grenade.




What I Currently Eat In A Day



More often than not lunch is leftovers from dinner the night before or something very basic I have prepared like mini chicken fillets and baby potatoes. This week I am going to use my delivery from Paleo Ireland as my lunch time meals. Ordering some meals weekly is a great option if you are short on time to prep each day. This meal is usually low on micros (i.e. fruits and vegetables) namely because it’s hard to keep them tasting good from Tupperware boxes. So I do try make up for it at my other meals. 



What I Currently Eat In A Day



With my work schedule I work a lot of evenings teaching classes so my afternoon/evening snack has to be convenient and not too heavy. I usually opt for a protein shake, fruit, raw nuts and rice cakes and humus. Little nibbles I can pick at throughout the evening till I can get home for dinner. 




what I currently eat in a day  


We cook dinner in our house every evening and it’s my favourite part of the day. Dave and I share it out and whoever is home first usually does the cooking. Some of our favourite dinners are: 

Clean chicken curry 

Chilli and rice

Roast baby potatoes, steak and sugar-free beans 

Clean Shepard’s Pie 

Salmon and greens

Protein source and salad



Right now I am not counting macros or trying to time my meals around training. I am not trying to eat varying amounts of carbs or structure my food to achieve a body fat goal. I am simply eating well to fuel my training and my work schedule.  I am busy work wise at the moment and in periods like this I always just try to eat well and take in a good amount of protein, fruits and vegetables. 


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