Leanne Moore

Where’s The Willpower?

Today’s post is a little different from the norm but I wanted to share it in the hopes it might help in some little way.

Willpower is a POWERFUL thing.

Maintaining the willpower to keep a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always come easy. I often find that people say to me – “you’re lucky you are so disciplined, it’s easy for you….” In reality though, it’s not easy for anyone, at least not all of the time. And it certainly IS NOT easy for me. I adopted this “lifestyle” at the age of 19 and have steadily learned throughout the years because of my love of health, wellness and just plain old feeling good.

But I can honestly tell you  – it is NOT always easy. I have to make a conscious effort every day. It’s ALWAYS a test of willpower. But one thing I can tell you for sure is that when you do apply yourself it DOES pay off. You feel better on the inside and look happier on the outside.

Last week I had a crazy busy week. I was out of the country and out of “routine”. My willpower lacked. I only managed three training sessions – when I usually aim for six. My food choices were only about 60-70% on point and this week I really feel it.

Today I woke up with two choices. Let this continue OR do something about it. What have I decided? Well to give it 110% effort for the next week. Thats the small goal I have set.

If you are feeling like you are lacking some willpower give this a go:

1:Set a short term goal (say a couple of weeks) and start NOW. Don’t say “from tomorrow…” or “I’ll start Monday….” Do it NOW or it may never happen. One of the biggest mistakes with getting back on track is putting it off. There is NO time like the present.


2: Give it 100% commitment – training, food planning, healthy choices. Commit to NO CHEATS for the next seven days. Plan your meals, stock the fridge with healthy choices. Get rid of any temptations. Pencil in your workouts, make an “appointment” with the gym. Stick to it.


3: Reap the benefits of being right back on track! 


I guarantee that after just a week of really applying yourself you will have regained all the willpower you need to continue. Just FEELING the difference in yourself, your energy levels and your body will spur you on to keep up your efforts.

Fitness and wellbeing is a lifestyle – not a diet, not a short term way of life. We ALL need a little reboot every now and again. Let this be yours.

Leanne 🙂


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