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7 Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas

Today I’ve pieced together a little post with some healthy snack ideas – one for every day of the week. Snacking is one of the things that van really throw us off track. Here are some you can reach for and they’re pretty delicious too! 


1: Low Sugar Protein Bars
This is literally one of the things that keeps me sane! I love protein bars as a little snack – and there are so many to choose from these days. You do have to be careful though. Some pack as much sugar as your standard bar of chocolate. My current favourites are:
Fulfil Nutrition
Each of these carries less than 3g of sugar per bar and a massive 20g of protein. Try them!


2: PRO-YO (Protein Yoghurt)
Protein yoghurt is definitely something I reach to at night as a dessert after my evening meal. Here’s how to whip it up.

What You Need:
• 3-4 Tblspns Liberte or Fage or Chobani 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt
• 1/2 Scoop Whey Protein (flavour of your choice)
• Small handful of chopped nuts

What To Do:
Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and DEVOUR!
For an extra treat as a clean dessert idea – you can add some toasted oats, blueberries, nut butters or raw cacao sauce. Delicious! Tastes like a crunch corner or angel delight!


Healthy Snack Ideas


3: Corn Cake Stacks

Corn cakes with Peanut Butter/Almond Butter and 1/2 Banana – simple and delicious!!!


4: Hummus 

High in protein and delicious with so many things – vegetable sticks and corn cakes or rice cakes. It’s so easy to make your own hummus too! Chick peas, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, salt and garlic! I like to get the reduced fat option from Tesco. 


Healthy Snack Ideas


5: Protein Smoothie 

What You Need: 

Almond Milk (unsweetened) 


1 Tbs Almond Butter

1 Scoop Whey 

1 Banana

Handful frozen berries


What To Do: 

Blend and serve! 


6: Fruit Bowls

Fresh berries, 0% fat Greek Yogurt, Almond butter and a big spoon! 


7: Raw nuts and fruit

So simple – grab a piece of fruit and a snack pack of raw nuts and you are good to go! 


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