Leanne Moore

Back To School For Cliona’s Foundation

Last week I went back to school to try to raise funds for the amazing Cliona’s Foundation. This lent the charity are asking schools in Limerick to raise €200 to support some struggling families with the non-medical costs associated with looking after a critically or terminally ill child.

Before I became an ambassador for Cliona’s Foundation, I honestly never understood those hidden financial stresses that families have to cope with when taking care of their loved ones. Some of those “hidden” costs, include accommodation, food, and petrol or travel expenses to and from hospitals

The €200 initiative is the cost for a day to bring a sick child for treatment in Dublin. So this Lent Limerick children will have the opportunity to raise that amount and make things a little brighter for families who have these sort of expenses.

Can you do something to help raise €200?

For more information on how to get involved check out Cliona’s Foundation Website.

Thank you,

Love Leanne xxx