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6 Awesome Habits To Introduce To Your Day

6 Awesome Habits To Introduce To Your Day

With the new lockdown introduced, it is more important than EVER to take care of your mental health.

It is important to remember that during these precarious times, it’s natural to feel a little down! But it is important to also know that this time too will pass, and there are techniques you can implement so that it goes a little smoother!

As part of a six-week lockdown challenge, we are asking you to pick two or three of the following daily habits to do EVERY DAY and you will see and feel the changes when you implement self care into your daily routine.


The first challenge is to read one chapter OR eight to ten pages of a book daily. It can be any book of your choice; maybe your favourite is fiction, or biographies…whatever will let you spend a few minutes with nothing else on your mind! Just a few minutes daily to take time out of your busy schedule and snuggle with a book on your lap, it will make the world of difference.

                                            My Favourite Ways To Unwind        2. YOGA

 There is the option to do 10/20 minutes of yoga DAILY. The benefits of yoga are endless, with the chance to connect with your body, stretch out any workout pain, and feel completely relaxed throughout! Our Restore yoga class is on catch up and is your chance to perfect those poses! This could be one of your daily habits!


Write down three things you are grateful for, one thing you’re excited for and one thing you’re proud for yourself daily. Acknowledging those things and people you are grateful for and planning for the future is a key element in taking care of your mental health. Also remember, BE KIND to yourself; you are doing great!


Complete at least 3 physical exercises in a week. Whether it is with our classes or going out for a walk yourself, doing physical exercise is so important to take care of yourself. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life! This is one of my favourite daily habits.


Get outdoors daily for even 20/30 minutes. There is nothing worse than staring at the same four walls day in and out; go out, get some fresh air and stretch your legs. There is nothing like a walk to feel connected to the world again and it stops you from getting stuck inside your house and your head!

Start with 2-5 minutes a day and go from there. Meditation can seem hard at the start, especially in busy households were it feels there is always something happening! But if you prioritise those few minutes daily to focus on your breathing and empty your mind, you will feel the stress fall off you. Remember, if it’s out of your control, then there is no point worrying about it!

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