Leanne Moore

10 Foods That Are ALWAYS In My Kitchen

1: Avocados

If I had to pick one food to eat forever…… I think it may be avocados!! I can’t get enough of them. They are loaded with nutrients and healthy fats and are great for helping to REDUCE cholesterol and blood pressure. On top of that they actually help your body absorb nutrients from other foods. I eat them with EVERYTHING. Eggs at breakfast and with a salad at lunch.

2: Eggs

I’m a massive fan of eggs. Egg whites are a great source of protein in the diet. My breakfast is more often than not – two full eggs plus 1/2 an avocado sprinkled with chia seed or flaxseed. If I make an omelette I opt for one full egg and three egg whites.

3: Greek Yoghurt

My favourite brand is Fage Total 0%. I love to make Proyo or even just mix a little with fresh berries as a snack.

4: Gluten Free Oats

I switched to Gluten Free over the summer last year and have noticed a massive difference in how I feel. I’m not, to my knowledge, gluten intolerant, but I made the decision to try where possible to steer clear of gluten in my diet. I usually pick up the gluten free oats from Aldi and I love a bowl topped with some almond butter or with some added protein Pro-oats  after a workout. If I need a good breakie on the go I’ll prep some overnight oats. Here’s one of my fave recipes. CLICK HERE.

5: Beetroot

I know it’s not everyones cup of tea but whether it’s roasted from the root veg or chopped into a salad I just LOVE beetroot. I often make vegetable juices too and having beetroot is like a natural energy drink. It’s amazing.

6: Lemons and Limes

I always try add some slices of lemon and lime to my water. I particularly love lime. They are great for alkalizing the body.

7: Almonds and Cashews

Raw nuts are an amazing snack. Full of healthy fats and protein. I usually stop off at Tesco to pick up the handy little snack packs (they are about €1.10) and are perfect for popping in your bag for a healthy snack on the go.

8: Hummus

Delicious!!!!! I love hummus, I love making my own but Tesco also do a great Healthy Living brand which is great fro dipping into with some raw vegetables. Perfect afternoon snack!

9: Almond Butter

My favourite brands are Meridan and Keen and I could literally eat Almond Butter with ANYTHING.

10: Corn Cakes

Not the best for keeping you feeling full but a great base for a snack. I use almond butter, hummus, boiled eggs, mashed avocado, chia seed jam and goats cheese. The possibilities are endless!!

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Leanne 🙂