Leanne Moore

A Post Easter Detox From The A Department

Are you feeling a little sluggish after the Easter choc-fest? Well this three day detox may be JUST what you need!

But just before we get to the food plan – here’s some tips and tricks!

1: As much as possible, clear away any leftover chocolate. Put it away, out of sight and commit to not touching it.

2: Stock up on the good stuff! Fruit and vegetables. Pack the fridge with healthy options.

3: Prepare! Pack tomorrow’s lunch and snacks. Plan your meals and don’t be caught short. The best way to ruin your healthy eating goals is to be underprepared.

4: Write out an exercise routine and stick to it. Pencil it into your diary and keep each session as though its any other important appointment.

And now onto the detox….

Here’s a three day detox from The A Department.

Large glass of water with cucumber slices (in the water) and a pinch of cayenne pepper
MEAL 1: (7.30am)
Green Apple Juice

What You Need:
2 husks of Kale
Large Handful of Spinach
1 Stalk Celery
Small Handful Parsley
2 Green Apples

In a juicer pop all the ingredients in and serve over ice.
In a blender blend all ingredients with water.

MEAL 2: (10.00am)
Herbal tea,
1 cup Raspberries/Blueberries/Strawberries
PRE-MEAL 3: (12.30pm)
Large glass of water with cucumber slices (in the water)
MEAL 3: (1pm)
Mango Summer Salad

What You Need:
Wild Rocket/ Spinach Leaves (or a mix of both)
6 fresh basil leaves, chopped
1 Mango, peeled and cut into chunks
1 Cucumber cut into small chunks
1 Tomato
1 Can kidney beans, drained and rinsed
2 Tbsp Almonds flakes.

Mix all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and serve with 1/2 cup brown rice.
Dress with white balsamic vinegar.
MEAL 4: (3pm)
Large glass of water with fresh lemon
Hummus with carrot/celery/apple sticks
10-15 Almonds
MEAL 5: (6/7pm)
Any Veg + Quinoa
Chamomile or herbal tea


We hope you find this detox as easy and delicious as we do! Don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page for even more food and fitness tips and tricks.


Leanne and Dave x