Leanne Moore


A quick and easy dinner you can enjoy any day of the week! Try my super simple Healthy Burritos. 
What You Need 
Brown rice
Lean mince
2 Cloves Garlic
Tin of Mixed Beans 
1 Small Onion (finely chopped)
Beef stock cube 
1 Tsp Cumin 
1 Tsp Paprika
1 Tsp Chili powder 
BFree Sweet Potato Wraps 
Grated Cheddar Cheese 
For The Guacamole 
2 Avocados
10 Cherry tomatoes (chopped)
Juice of Fresh Lemon
What To Do: 
Heat oil in a pan. 
Gently fry garlic and onion. 
Add mince and cook till browned. 
Add the stock cube mix and the spices (cumin, paprika and chilli) and allow to simmer. 
Drain beans and add to mince mix – reduce heat and simmer. 
Meanwhile cook brown rice. 
Heat the wraps in the over with a sheet of tinfoil between each one. 
Time to make the guacamole! Mash avocados in a bowl. Chop up cherry tomatoes and mix in. Squeeze about 2 tbs of fresh lemon into the mix and stir. 
Assemble the burritos – wrap, guacamole, rice, mince mix and put grated cheese on top.
Wrap in tinfoil heat in oven for 5 mins. 
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Leanne x