Leanne Moore

The A Department’s 44 Day Eat Clean Challenge

So tomorrow is the official start of Lent and whether you are inclined to give something up or not – here’s an idea we can all get on board with – The A Department’s 44 Day Eat Clean Challenge – #ECC44.

So why 44 days? Well lent 2015 officially runs from Wednesday February 18th to Thursday April 2nd – a total of 44 days!

The Rules:

– To eat clean, nutritious and wholesome foods for the next 44 days

– No junk food or cheat meals

– Drink 1.5-2ltr of water daily

That’s it! Simples! Are you up for the challenge? Of COURSE we here at The A Department are going to play our part too. We’ll be providing motivation throughout, healthy meal ideas, cheat clean recipes and we will be blogging to bring you tips and tricks as to how to stay on track.

Lets all do this together? Who’s in?

Don’t forget to tweet us your eat clean efforts using the hashtag #ECC44 (Eat Clean Challenge 44) – lets all SEE and FEEL the difference on April 2nd. Here’s our TWITTER PAGE.

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