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Whether you’re new to our classes or you’ve been a LIFTer since day one, it can be confusing when you login and you’re not sure which to go for. The LIVE class? The RIDE class on CATCH UP? The pump class on ANYTIME? What do they all mean?! Here’s a guide to our classes so you can find the right fit for you! 





First up we have our signature class; Lift is a 40-45-minute workout with resistance training, cardio and core! This class is suitable for all levels of fitness as there are instructions provided by our trainers to increase or decrease the intensity. 

LIFT is a total body workout targeting different muscle groups on different days. Monday’s is full body, Wednesday’s is upper body and core and Friday’s we concentrate on lower body and core! And if that doesn’t get you going – the LIFT playlist certainly will! 

While we are continually adding classes all the time, the Lift class has been here since the start and is the perfect class to give you an introduction as to what the subscription is all about!



  • A set of dumbbells 
  • A mat 
  • A step or bench (optional but not necessary) 
  • Additional dumbbells or weights (optional but not necessary)
  • Towel, trainers and water






RIDE is our spin class; a 40-minute indoor cycling class. This class is a complete cardio blast! Suitable for all levels of fitness as there are instructions provided by our trainers to increase or decrease intensity. 

Whether you have ever been to a spin class or not, it is definitely one to get the blood flowing. You’ll find a great starter bike HERE.  Or a more commercial version HERE. 



  • A spin bike
  • Towel, trainers and water 
  • Please note – a normal exercise bike or turbo trainer are not suitable for this class.






Take it down a notch with our 40-minute yoga class. This class is designed to add to your workout routine to bring a little bit of calm to your week. Complete with a little meditation this class will offer a little TLC to the body (and the muscles) and allow you a little pocket of your time. 

Stretching cannot be under-estimated when it comes to workout, and the same goes with rest days! If you are feeling tense or sore, throw on a restore class from catch-up before having a hot shower- you will be completely soothed before your next workout.



  • A yoga mat 







This is a 15-minute pocket-size version of our RESTORE class mentioned above. The perfect option if trying to create a little daily yoga habit. These classes focus on different areas of the body to allow you to give a little more attention to any areas in need of that added TLC.

They are super easy to work into your daily life- whether it’s a quick 15 minutes before you set off to work or just before bed, you will feel completely at ease.



  • A yoga mat 




This 20-30 minute barbell based class. Hit each muscle group top to toe with a range of exercises and varying tempos. Begin by doing our Introduction to Pump Class and take it from there! 

Again, super quick and easy to fit into busy schedules and it’s feel-good factor will have you sorted for the whole day. Here are some places you can pick up the barbells –





  • A 20kg pump barbell set 
  • A mat
  • A step (optional) 




Our 20-minute high-intensity interval training class designed to push you to the max! Hustle is our trainer Dave’s signature class and this class is suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Perfect for a quick cardio blast on a busy day! 



  • A mat 





A 10-20 minute class targeting your abs! A perfect class if you fancy a quick workout or as an option after completing one of our longer classes. Also, perfect to work on defining your stomach and pushing your abs that little bit further! There are 10 minute, 15 minute and 20 minute options in the ANYTIME workouts. 



  • A mat 
  • A set of dumbbells (or another weighted object) 




A 15-20-minute workout using a Glute Band. This class targets the glutes and will make sure you definitely feel the burn!! So throw on your Lift by Leanne glute band and push it for twenty minutes.






That concludes our guide and while Lift by Leanne has only been up and running for three months we hope you’ll find a class option you enjoy! We will be adding two more classes to the mix in February to bring our total tally to 10 different options! We look forward to sharing those with you very soon! 


LIFT Team 


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