Leanne Moore

Fitspiration Of The Week – Holly Carpenter

This weeks “Fitspiration” is former star of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model – Holly Carpenter. I love following Holly’s Instagram snaps for great paleo-friendly food ideas.

1: What is your weekly fitness routine like?
I train about 3 days a week in Fit studios in Fairview. I love their circuit & fat burning classes, they’re so tough!  and I’ve recently started running along the seafront too which I’ve found great for burning calories and clearing my head.

2: What exercises do you like best?
I quite like interval training. I find it really tough but I love how it gets my heart rate up so quickly and I find I get the best results from it.

3: What are your top three fitness tips?
1.) consistency is key! This is something I struggle with but I think it’s important to keep a healthy routine going with your diet and fitness regime. There’s no point in eating really clean and training hard for a week and then not training at all the following week and eating junk – you’ll see results quicker if you find a healthy balance and stick to it.
2.) Plan ahead. If I know I’m going to a shoot where the crew will probably order sandwiches and crisps for lunch then I’ll always prepare a chicken salad the night before and bring it with me. That annoying saying comes to mind – ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ but it’s true!
3.) Listen to your body. If you’ve been training really hard for consecutive days and you feel achy and tired then take a break and enjoy a day off. I don’t believe in pushing yourself too hard and burning out, it’s important to let your body relax too!

4: What is your favourite “FIT FOOD”?
I love superfood salads with loads of healthy ingredients.  My favourite places to get a salad in Dublin are Chopped on Baggot Street and Staple Foods in Temple Bar.

5: Who is your personal “Fitspiration”? 
I’m obsessed with Adriana Lima the Victoria’s Secret angel. She’s big into boxing and has an amazingly toned and feminine body (especially after having 2 children).

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