Leanne Moore

It’s Time To Ditch The Diet

In the past I’ve tried EVERY diet there is. The whole way through my early to mid twenties I was obsessed with becoming slimmer. So today I wanted to do a quick post hoping that what I’ve learned might help YOU. Here are some simple guidelines to follow to help you DITCH THE DIET and just eat clean.

Here’s what you NEED to know:

Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day – I usually eat 5. Three meals and 2 snacks. But if I am hungry late at night (I work quite late most evenings) I will have a protein based snack late at night. My fave is a yummy concoction I’ve named ProYo. Limiting calories and skipping meals WILL NOT give you the body you might crave. In fact it only lends to the body storing fat and that’s exactly what you don’t want it to do.

Drink 1-5-2ltrs of water – It’s not always easy but it’s so important to get adequate water. I have a 2.2ltr bottle that I fill daily and make sure I finish.

Ditch cereals – go with gluten free oats or make your own granola.  This was a HUGE ONE for me. I was a cereal fiend! I literally would have lived on them. But cereals – even the “low fat” ones have SO many additives. Take a look at the ingredients on the back or side of the box in your presses. Do you know what they all are? When I think back – it was crazy what I was putting into my body thinking I was being healthy.

Eat Healthy Fats – again this was a BIG mistake i used to make. I’d steer clear of anything containing fat no matter if they were “good fats” or not. Now I include them in my everyday foods. My favourites are avocados, nut butters, coconut oil, and raw almonds and cashews.

Monitor Those Carbs – Carbs are SO important especially after a tough workout but I always opt for complex sources. My faves are sweet potato (chips) and oats with all the trimmings! I am also partial to rice-cakes as a snack with nut butter. But I do pay close attention to the amount of carbs I eat opting to take a lot from vegetables and fruits. I don’t eat bread – maybe as a weekend treat – and at that it would be gluten free. Cutting refined carbs from the diet will go MILES to helping you reduce body fat. Opt for good carbs and feel good inside and out.

Avoid Sugar – This is my NUMBER ONE rule. I eat very little sugar in my diet. I do have a treat meal once a week (maybe twice) but I do try more often than not to make low sugar choices. Some of my favourite treats are 85% Dark Chocolate, Quest Bars and Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes.

– Eat The Rainbow – Although I can’t deny that I love the effect eating clean has had on my physical appearance, mostly for me it’s been about the changes it is making on the inside and the feeling that I am doing good for my body and health. Our fridge at home is always packed with brightly coloured fruit and veg. We cook fresh foods every day and it doesn’t take hours to prepare. Choose fresh foods and taste the goodness!

Lastly (stepping away from the food front)  introducing a solid weight training plan into my gym routine has been key to sculpting the body I always craved. For years I was a cardio bunny, spending hours on treadmills, cross trainers and running outdoors. I was always pretty much the same size as I am now but I wasn’t “toned” enough for my liking. And whilst I DO still include cardio in my training plan, it wasn’t till I introduced weight training that I began to see the changes.

LEFT: Cardio vs RIGHT: Weights
LEFT: Cardio vs RIGHT: Weights


I hope these little tips help in some way!

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Leanne xx