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Leanne’s Top Tips On How To…… Banish Cellulite

Yes it’s that dreaded word – cellulite. Well let me tell you we have ALL experienced it at one stage or another. Only two years ago I went through a period of trying every lotion and potion under the sun to rid of mine. I would spend a fortune on the latest creams claiming to “reduce the appearance of cellulite in 30 days”. But I was getting it all wrong and my confidence was low. I fully remember that summer going along to Electric Picnic and wearing tights under my shorts because of the cellulite on the back of my legs. Fast forward to today and I’m a new woman and yes again – it’s all been down to diet choices and exercise. The benefits really do keep rolling in!


So now let me be honest with you – there is no “quick fix” but there are a number of things you can do which altogether will tackle the problem and banish the dreaded C word.  I started putting all these factors in to play AND upped my game in the gym. I worked on exercises that helped the legs and glutes and I made sure I was CHALLENGING myself. Now whilst I know cellulite can appear anywhere, the most common areas are on the legs and bottom. Today I’m going to give you a few exercise moves that will help and a few added tips and trick to boot.


Ditch the fad diets and get back to eating basic and simple foods. Fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats will go a long way to correcting your overall body composition. Cellulite is basically fatty deposits under the skin and one of the best ways to reduce the look of cellulite is to reduce your body fat.


When we are dehydrated or skin can often appear worse than it actually is. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated as eel as improving your circulation.


Now that you are tackling the problem from the inside – it’s time to hit the gym and get moving on some exercises that will help circulation and tone up those areas you



Taking the time to brush the skin on the affected area will greatly improve circulation and help with the appearance of cellulite.


So what exercises will help you


These for me were the game changer. If you have never done deadlifts before now – get yourself down the gym and book in with an instructor to show you the proper form. I only truly saw a change in my legs when I got serious about deadlifting. As of now they are still the same size as they always were – but they are more solid and as result I am much more confident about them. Start with light weights and higher reps. Form is EVERYTHING so asking for a little bit of guidance will go a long long way.


Similar to the conventional squat but performed from a sumo position. This helps to target the inner thigh a little more. Again this should be challenging you so pick a weight that is going to do just that.
Performing lunges to the sides targets the outside of the thighs.
A good ole conventional squat will also go a long way to tackling the glutes and legs. But don’t just stick to the lighter weights. Push yourself. Again, ask the trainer in your gym to help you with technique and get working on weights that will challenge you.
Getting the body moving will go a long way to improving circulation so get moving! And remember cardio is NOT confined to the treadmill or cross-trainer. That can be pretty boring! Be creative, take it outside, set yourself a challenge, partner up and test yourself, make it interesting.


Don’t just take my word for it – test it out for yourself!


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