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Leanne’s Top Tips On….. Planning To Reach Your Fitness Goals.

Tonight I’m taking some time to plan out my month of May. If you are serious about your fitness goals – whatever they may be – then planning is NOT optional.

I have a little green notebook that I write my new plans and goals into every 4-6 weeks. I track body weight, body fat, diet and even how I am feeling. It’s a great way to be able to revert back and see what you had been doing at a certain point to achieve certain goals.

So my first tip…. Buy a notebook 🙂


Now that that is sorted……. Here’s my top tips on Planning Your Fitness Routine

1: Set Achievable Goals 

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!!! Set goals that are reachable. Be realistic and honest with yourself otherwise you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

2: Write Out A Workout Plan

Make sure you KNOW what you are going to do at each session every week BEFORE you arrive at the gym. Workout with a purpose and stick to the plan you set for yourself. You should NEVER arrive at the gym with no plan in mind. Track what you do. Always.

3: Ask For Help

If you are not entirely sure of what you should be doing to reach your goal – ASK at your gym. Fitness staff are there to help you. If you think you’d like a little more than just advice – invest in some Personal Training sessions to LEARN a little more. If weights are your thing it’s definitely worth familiarising yourself with the correct techniques.

4: Push Through The Beginning

The beginning is ALWAYS the hardest. Push through it, stick to it, you WILL get there. Once you start to see results it becomes so much easier. So until then, trust the process, trust your effort. Stay strong.

5: Ditch The Excuses

If you have set yourself a goal – do not let some silly excuse keep you from reaching it. We all do it….

“Oh I’ll start next week because I’ve this on this weekend…..”

“I can’t commit to the food plans because I don’t have a kitchen at work…”

“I don’ have time to train…..”

Eating healthy and working out CAN fit into your life… You just have to want it enough.

What is your goal? Think about it, visualise it, now ask yourself…… Do you want it enough?


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Leanne 🙂