Leanne Moore

REVIEW – Supreme Nutrition Paleo Protein

Last week I was sent this little present from the guys at Discount Supplements – a GLUTEN FREE, 100% natural protein powder. I liked the sound of that.


One scoop offers 23.5grams of protein with less than 1grm of carbs and zero fat – and this “Orange Twist’ flavour tastes more like a cordial orange drink compared to your usual protein powders. Here’s a little look at the label:

Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information


Taste wise it’s quite refreshing. In fact I really like it. I am usually a “chocolate or nothing’ girl when it comes to protein shakes but this was definitely a very tasty alternative. It’s IDEAL for anyone who finds the texture of other shakes a little tough to take.

A perfect shake with some crushed ice – especially now during the summer months. Very tasty.