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Six Week Pre-Christmas Shape Up

SO many people are enquiring about training in the run up to Christmas so I wanted to put together this little option.


Basically what I am offering is SIX weeks of ONLINE training, monitoring, food advice and guidance, measurements, weigh ins, picture progress and support.


If you start and stop fitness routines WAY too often – consider this 6 week plan. What it does it it gives you someone “to answer to…” Sometimes all you need is someone watching over you to keep you on track. That’s exactly what online training does for less than the price of a Personal Training session.


My own transformation
My own transformation


What the 6 weeks includes: 

  • 6 Week Training Plan
  • HIIT Session Of The Week
  • Food Manual
  • Food Logbooks and Feedback
  • Recipes
  • App tracker for Workouts and Progress Stats


I will set you a training plan to suit YOU and your time commitment and your lifestyle. Don’t aimlessly wander around the gym – set a plan in place and track the progress and see the difference just in time for Christmas.


Start Date: Tuesday November 7th

Finish Date: Sunday December 18th

Price: €149 (usually €199 – SALE OFFER) 


If you would like some more details pop me an email on leannemooreofficial@gmail.com and see the difference we can make together.


Here are some of my clients progress pictures (Please note that sharing you progress pictures is NOT compulsory. I’ve received permission to share the following images.)













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