Leanne Moore

Take Your Workout Outside

We’ve been enjoying some great weather over the past few days so today I decided to piece together a post on exercising outdoors.

I’ve attached a few #Throwback videos for ideas on how to get moving outside and create your own workout in the sun.

Here are some benefits of exercising outdoors –

1: Extra Vitamin D

Top up on the sunshine vitamin while you can. Vitamin D is great for the development of bones and teeth and it even helps the body resist certain diseases.

2: A New Challenge

Exposing yourself to the elements of the outdoors will automatically change up your fitness routine and challenge the body differently. Use steps, walls, hills and open grassy areas and use your imagination to piece together a workout. Here are some ideas.

Outdoor Workout 1 

Outdoor Workout 2

Outdoor Workout 3

3: Beats Workout Boredom

By taking your workout outside you are giving your body and mind a whole new focus.  And sur don’t they say – a change is as good as a break.

4: Boost Your Mood

I’ve yet to hear of a workout failing to boost a persons mood so by taking it outside in the sunshine the effects must be even greater. Enjoy the weather, push your body and rehydrate well.

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Leanne 🙂