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Over Christmas I got a few gifts of some colouring books to help with stress and anxiety. I’ve always been pretty open about dealing with anxiety and know that there are so many more coping with it too. I fully believe it stems from my nature to worry. I love to worry! I worry about worrying and then my mind gets totally carried away. But unwinding at the end of the day with a little colouring session has been a brilliant way to relax and wind down after a long day. Many book stores are now stocking them so keep a look out and give it a try if it’s something that might be useful to you. You mental health goes hand in hand with physical health. Look after both.






Over the next few weeks Dave and I are teaming up with Xpose on their new Six Week Bootcamp. We will be working with a group of people looking to kickstart their own personal transformations and helping them with their fitness and food routines. It’s amazing the difference you can make in just SIX WEEKS if you give it a solid effort so I am excited to see what changes can be made. Watch this space.






So since the January detox is now dying down I’ve started a new Clean and Lean menu with the lovely guys at Paleo Ireland. My new menu includes:

2 x Chicken and Broccoli
2 x Salmon and Steamed Vegetables (optional)
2 x Chicken Salads
2 x Stirfry
2 x Chicken Fajita
Plus a FREE Supergreen Juice

All meal boxes are ordered though the PALEO IRELAND website – www.paleo-ireland-2.myshopify.com and are delivered to The Body Building gym in Raheen on MONDAY’S.

A package of super green juices will be available as an add on.


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