Leanne Moore

Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – Day 6

So we are OFFICIALLY at the halfway mark!! Let’s give ourselves an added little boost today and do a DOUBLE HIIT workout. Are you ready?


Here it is!



(If at the gym – use the rower)

Row 500m

Row 400m 

Row 300m

Row 200m

R0w 100m


Squat 20 – Push Up 20

Squat 18 – Push Up 18

Squat 16 – Push Up 16

Squat 14 – Push Up 14

Squat 12 – Push Up 12 



Plank 1 Minute 

Crunches 30 Seconds

Plank 45 Seconds

Crunches 30 Seconds

Plank 30 Seconds

Crunches 30 Seconds

Just six days to go now. Remember passing up cheat foods and alcohol for ONE weekend is not as bad as it seems. Plan healthier alternatives. Food wise here are some ideas:

Kale Crisps


As long as you have healthy alternatives in the house you will tend to reach for those instead. We all have little temptations. But beating them is so rewarding.

Happy Saturday!

Leanne 🙂