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20 Questions – Q&A with Me

Twenty questions and answers with Leanne Moore 

So today I’ve decided to do a Q&A style post after welcoming so many new followers in the past few weeks (thank you!!) I’ve chosen 20 of the questions I was asked and popped them into this little post! 



1: Where do you live? 

I live in Dublin but I am from Limerick so I travel home to see my family as often as I can. 


2: What age are you?

I’m 32, I’ll be 33 this year in July.


3: What are your views on protein powder for women? 

I think protein powders are a very convenient way of topping up your protein intake day to day. Supplementary proteins – powders, bars etc – are not entirely “real food” but they are not a bad option when trying to increase your protein. My main advice here is to try use as much “real food” as you can but I would certainly use supplementary proteins with one meal or snack every day.  Namely because it’s so hard to hit a sufficient protein intake with just animal and plant sources alone. Here’s a whole blogpost I wrote in the past CLICK HERE


4: What are the best protein powders – low on carbs and sugars?

Most brands have low carb/sugar varieties now. I like My Protein’s own brand and Optimum Nutrition. 


5: How long would it take the average person to lose a dress size? 

This is a tricky question to answer. Basically because what in weight equals a dress size? Every person will be different but depending on a persons bodyweight and what weight they have to lose I would say a drop of no more then 2lbs per week is optimal. I can honestly tell you thought hat if you gave it a solid 6 weeks of hard work and good food – you would make a MASSIVE difference to your body shape and to how you feel on the inside. 


6: How are your teeth so white? 

I had my teeth whitened about 4 years ago but they aren’t nearly as white now. I am actually going to get them done in a few weeks time again. I drink a lot of coffee and I love a glass of red wine so it’s badly needed! 


7: Do you wash your hair everyday? 

I try not to. I always have a can of dry shampoo in my gym bag! I definitely wash it every second day though! 


8: What PT courses would you recommend? 

I done my PT training with Elite – and so that is the only one I can recommend. I loved the training though. And the tutors were amazing. 


9: How long are you with Dave? 

Dave and I are going out three and a half years! 


10: What type of dog is Toby and what age is he? 

Toby is a cavachon, so half a Bichon Frise and half a King Charles. He is almost three. 


11: Whats your favourite snack? 

I love the dark blue fulfil bars! They taste like after eights. I also love hummus on corncakes and some garlic olives for good measure! Fruit bowls are a favourite of mine too! Berries and greek yogurt with some granola on top! 


12: What jobs have you had in the past? 

My first job was in Spar in Corbally at home in Limerick. I then worked in Supervalu in Corbally all while in school and college (Mary Immaculate College Limerick). After college I worked in Poppins Pre School while I saved for money for my H.Dip to become a secondary teacher. I never actually went on to do that though. Instead I completed a Higher Diploma in Journalism and Broadcast Media. My first job after that was with The Irish News of the World. I was an Entertainment journalist and columnist there till it’s last publication. I then went freelance as a journalist and presenter and worked for: 

The Sunday Times

The Irish Sun

The Evening Herald

TV3’s Ireland AM 

TV3’s Xpose


The Limerick Chronicle 

I have also worked as a singer ( after winning RTE’s Your A Star in 2008). In the line of entertainment I’ve done loads of bits and pieces. 

2008 – played Cinderella at The Gaiety Theatre Panto

2009 – played Jill in Jack and the Beanstalk at The Gaiety Theatre panto

2011 – Backing singer for Jedward at The Eurovision Song Contest (Dusseldorf)

2012 – Backing singer for Jedward at The Eurovision Song Contest (Azerbaijan), Cinderella in the UCH Panto

2013 – Backing singer for Ryan Dolan at The Eurovision Song Contest, Jasmine in Aladdin in the UCH Panto, Sandy in Grease at Cork Opera House

2014 – Jill in Jack and the Beanstalk at the UCH Panto

2015 – Sleeping Beauty in the UCH Panto

2016 – Belle in Beauty and the Beast in the UCH Panto

In terms of the journalism and media work – in 2014 I decided to change my career to become a Personal Trainer. The best decision – for me – I have ever made. I started my social media pages and website/blog last year (properly) and they have helped me to share my fitness and food ideas. 


13: What’s your favourite cheat meal? 

Apache pizza with chicken, pepperoni and sweetcorn and piles of garlic dip. Maybe some Ben and Jerry’s afterwards! 


14: Do you own your house? 

Nope we live in an apartment and are just renting right now. I’ve one big goal I need to reach before I can think about owning our own house  – but I am very nearly there! 


15: What’s your favourite exercise? 

There are two exercises I try to NEVER leave out of my training program. Hip Thrusts and Deadlifts. They are game changers for glutes and abs. 


16: How do you train? 

I usually aim for 4 weights sessions with a Finisher (a short HIIT workout) after each one plus I teach a spin class every Saturday at 10am in Go Gym so that’s a good cardio workout. I always pop up Finisher ideas on my Instagram so make sure you are following. My weights sessions vary from program to program to concentrate on the new goals I set. Right now I am doing:


Chest and Back

Arms and Shoulders

Total Body 


17: Do you recommend pilates or yoga?

Whilst I’m not qualified in either I would recommend both if you can absolutely! They are so good for the body and the mind. When I was suffering badly with anxiety I find yoga and mindfulness excellent for helping. Pilates is fantastic for stretching the body out too and helping work on core strength. 


18: Who are your favourite snap chatters? 

I love so many – but my top four are: 

Siobhan O’Hagan – @Siobhsies

Ellen Kavanagh – @Waxspertsellen

James Butler – @JamesPatrice 

Sinead O’Brien – @Sineadstyle


19: What do you do to chill or relax? 

I love to unwind at the weekend with a glass of red wine and something good on the telly. I know I’m a bore! Dave an I love Celebrity Big Brother and I love The Voice Uk or any TV talent show like that! I’ve also tried to read for 30 minutes a day. I’ve taken to listening to audio books in the car as I drive to and from work – and that counts as more than 30 minutes so that’s great. I absolutely LOVE going out for dinner and a glass of wine too but that isn’t every weekend. I used to be very good at going to yoga once a week. I’ve let that slip since before Panto last year so I need to get back on that now too. 


20: What is your career goal? 

To be a girl boss. Watch this space 😉



Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! Follow me on snapchat: Leanneacmoore for more day-to-day. 


Leanne xx