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How To Stay Motivated Through Injury

Staying motivated to live a healthy lifestyle when you are recovering from an injury or out of workout action for any reason can be tough. It’s that “all or nothing” mentality that can get to you and make you feel like “what’s the point” of maintaining your healthy eating routine or healthy mindfulness habits if you are not able to workout and train to your full capacity. The key to making sure you stay motivated to live your best life through an injury or time away from exercise, is to manage all the other factors that contribute to a healthy life. Here are some of my tips on how to stay motivated through injury. 



Make a list daily of at least three things that you are grateful for. This not only keeps you focused on positives that can be easy to forget during a time when you feel things aren’t going your way. It also highlights your other strengths, that don’t have to be physical, but instead things you feel blessed with in your life right now.


Focus On What You Can Control: 

An injury is out of your control. Ask yourself what can I do about it? Some things you can control include following a rehab program, taking rest or what ever advice your Physio, doctor or trainer has issued you. Concentrate on those things and let go of the others that are out of your control. 


Set Goals:

Goal setting is something that can be done at any time whether nursing an injury or not. Set some recovery goals for yourself to follow as you get back to your best. Aim to drink more water to flush out toxins, aim to set aside time daily for rehabilitating exercises or stretches, aim to research a pilates or yoga class that might help with your rehabilitation. Don’t stay “stuck” and feeling sorry for yourself. Set your recovery goals and they will go a long way to ensuring you stay motivated. 


Explore Your Other Hobbies:

Now is a great time to dedicate time to some of your other interests and hobbies. Don’t lay about feeling sorry for yourself. Read, pick up a book you’ve been meaning to get through. Study, there are millions of articles and sites that can take you through information on things you are interested in or passionate about. Knit, sew, draw, the list of possibilities is endless. And keeping your mind occupied will do wonders for your thought patterns too. 


Have Patience:

Remember to be as patient as possible with yourself. It’s not always easy, but things can take time. Nothing in nature blooms 365 days a year! 


I hope you could take a little something from these tips. As always with any injury time and rest is absolutely necessary but staying on top of your thought processes and not allowing the down time to eat at you will go a long way to having you back on your feet as soon as possible. 


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