Leanne Moore

A Little Break In Rosslare

A Little break in Rosslare

This week Dave and I spent some time in Kelly’s Resort and Spa Hotel and I was inundated with messages asking where we were! So here’s a little blog post with all the details  – A Little Break In Rosslare.    I should start by saying we were truly blessed with the weather we got … Read more

Activity Break In London

Earlier this week Dave and I travelled to London and set out on a little “Activity Break”. More often than not holidays are billed as a time to eat and drink all around you, laze in the sun and do very little else. And whilst this is PERFECTLY acceptable – I just thought I’d piece … Read more

My Little Guide To Biarritz

Hey guys, I recently spent a few days in Biarittz in France and before I went I was researching the place to try make the most of my time there. On my return I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of my experience so that if you are making the journey in … Read more